Netizens react after seeing Kim Sae Ron’s agency’s statement

Kim Sae Ron’s agency’s statement

“Kim Sae Ron underwent a blood test in order to receive the most accurate results. After the blood test, Kim Sae Ron was escorted home with a guardian.

The results of the blood test will be available in 2 weeks, and afterward, Kim Sae Ron plans on participating in the police investigation diligently.”

1. Crazy, there wasn’t any apology from her

2. She didn’t even apologize

3. Never think about returning to the entertainment industry

4. Why didn’t she apologize? She must apologize for causing trouble for everyone. What is she doing?

5. Kim Sae Ron should apologize

6. Is this Seo Yeji’s agency?

7. Seriously, I don’t want to see her on TV anymore

8. Where is the apology???

9. Kim Sae Ron should apologize on her own…. BTS Jimin too. Seeing the kids hiding behind the company and not saying any apologies, I think it’s easy to live in this world

10. Kim Sae Ron should apologize, there’s no reason for the agency to do it

11. Who wondered about that? She must apologize first

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