Netizens react after watching LE SSERAFIM ‘FEARLESS’ 5 members version on Inkigayo today

LE SSERAFIM ‘FEARLESS’ 5 members version on Inkigayo today

1. I really like it

2. It’s not empty. Instead, it’s easier to see

3. It’s really stable. I’m not saying this as a joke.. I would believe it even if you say that they debuted as a 5 member group

4. Eunchae sings the chorus so wellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t feel empty at all

5. It looks really good, I think Eunchae is better with the chorus

6. It’s really not weird at all, so I think they were originally a 5 member group

7. It’s perfect

8. This is better… Each of the 5 members looks good, and Eunchae’s chorus is perfect

9. Their outfits are so pretty today

10. If noise marketing is what the company wants, it’s so successful.. I really like LE SSERAFIM as a 5-member group

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