Netizens react to aespa ‘Drama’ MV

aespa ‘Drama’ MV

1. The music video is so good

2. The MV is good and the song is good too

3. The chorus is so addictive

4. The music video is crazy and the song is good too

5. I like when female idols use this concept, I like the song too

6. It sounds like an NCT song

7. Giselle is so pretty

8. The song is better than I thought

9. Wow the music video is crazy

10. The song is disappointing.. The concept is good, but the song is disappointing..

11. The song isn’t very good but the MV is good

12. Is this a pre-release song?

13. Karina’s voice is so good

14. The music video is the best ever. I keep watching it

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