Netizens react to Big Hit denying BTS’ rumors of frequenting drug establishments

[Official] Big Hit “BTS’ rumors of frequenting drug establishments are groundless, we will take strong legal action”

Big Hit, “BTS are completely unrelated to the rumors, and they’re not true at all. We’ll respond strongly to the reckless spread of rumors.”

1. Are they crazy?;; Who is spreading these rumors?

2. There are many crazy people in the world, they have nothing to do

3. But just looking at them, it seems like no one in BTS would participate in something like this

4. Leave BTS alone

5. Are they crazy to make up rumors like this?

6. Crazy… Big Hit should take this opportunity to sue DC Gallery

7. All those who created the rumors and those who spread them should be sued

8. This is ridiculous. Leave BTS alone

9. Stop harassing celebrities. Do you think celebrities don’t have human rights? Are you really crazy?

10. Don’t touch BTS, seriously

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