Netizens react to BTS V ‘FRI(END)S’ official goods

BTS V ‘FRI(END)S’ official goods

1. Everything is pretty ㅠㅠ I definitely have to buy a keychain

2. I have to buy a keychain

3. I have to buy a keychain. The pink teddy bear is so cute

4. The coffee canister is nice but it’s expensive

5. The keychain is so cute, it’s been a while since I wanted to buy something

6. The keychain is so pretty

7. Everything is cute, I especially want to buy a keychain

8. I definitely have to buy the keychain

9. When can I buy this?

10. The key chain and coffee canister are so pretty

11. I have a question, can only ARMYs buy them?

12. I guess I can live with this cute bear, right?

13. Can I buy a bear keychain?

14. Everything is cute and pretty

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