Netizens react to HYBE’s announcement about BTS Jin’s military service

BTS’s eldest brother, Jin, to enlist in the army… Withdrawing our request delaying his enlistment

Big Hit, “We’ll withdraw our request delaying Jin’s enlistment at the end of the month and will follow the administration’s enlistment procedures,” and added the other members will also enlist in order according to their plans

1. I’ll wait for you, Seokjin-ah

2. I thought it would be like this… It’s because politicians keep mentioning their military service

3. He can’t even shoot a drama with that face ㅠㅠ I will wait for Jin

4. Seokjin-ah, I’ll wait, be careful ㅠㅠㅠ

5. Don’t worry about us, we’ll wait for you

6. Our Seokjin is doing well and I’ll wait for you

7. They never said they wouldn’t enlist, but they kept getting criticized because politicians kept talking about their military service

8. Well, I thought he would enlist next year, but he’s enlisting this year

9. The fans are already mentally prepared for it, but when I think of people swearing at BTS, I get annoyed ㅠㅠ

10. I thought they’d enlist together, but no

11. BTS had a hard time

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I’m glad the issue has been resolved , and also they’ll be enlisting normally without any special benefits like them being able to not go to the army but profits they make as singers will go to the gov for 34 months like that’s crazy , I don’t want them to be taken advantage like that .

We’ll be waiting for you BTS 💜


Finally they decided to go enlist and these 6 companies better follow the law as well. We won’t forget how these labels used BTS as a scapegoat and discussed about the exemption with politicians without bighit’s attendance.


Did u not read? Hybe said THEY requested for the delay. Lmfao suddenly the blame is on others


then READ again, delay =/= exempt, those companies requested for EXEMPTION by using BTS’s achievements and without bighit’s agreement, meanwhile BTS have actually been given the benefit to delay their enlistment by their country bcs they are honored of cultural merit, they just need to request, that’s why bighit say they withdraw the request bcs it’s all up to member’s decisions in the end.

Last edited 5 months ago by Moonchild⁷

Jin already delay his enlisment for one year, so he already used the benefit from their cultural merit. It means bighit actually request for another delayment, thus why jin waiting till about the end of this year to announce that he is going to the military

Last edited 5 months ago by Nayama

no one actually know if he actually already use their benefit or not bcs there’s no official report and many idols enlist just at the same age as jin now, and many still delay as well without them having cultural merit’s benefit,
and what’s the point of your first replay then when you can actually differentiate which one is exemption where those companies have every right to be blamed at and which one is delayment? acting dumb for what?

Last edited 5 months ago by Moonchild⁷

I don’t think that was the scenario, the culture merit gave the the benefit of delaying their e until the age of 30 so he would be enlisting starting of the next year anyway ( his birthday is in December) but i think they just withdraw so they can go with the process faster , also since the other members wouldn’t benefit of the delay, jungkook would have to enlist by 2024 ,if they want to be back as group in 2025 as they said , he wouldn’t be 30 by then

spicy spice

finally lol


Cállese p3ndejo


He already postponed 1 year tho, how come they still talk about the possibility of delayment? I don’t understand

WhatsThe Point

The govt gave them deferment of 2 years, what’s not clicking? And now bh/jin are withdrawing and enlisting on their own accord, not following the way the govt wants to use them.


They don’t understand bc their favs are not big enough to be given a deferment lmao.

But I wasn’t done…

My only hope was that they go together but I’m happy knowing they will be back for 2025. Armys will make sure they are protected and their music is supported on their leave. Army’s aren’t abandoning ship.


Does the translation correct? They will withdraw their request of delaying? Is it really the government or big hit/artist wants to delay their enlistment?


All the best to Jin during his service. I’ll be looking forward to when we see them together again.


We are free from bad music!! Finally

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