Netizens react to ILLIT’s debut song ‘Magnetic’ Official MV

ILLIT ‘Magnetic’ Official MV

1. It’s not as fresh as NewJeans but the song is really good, I should add it to my playlist

2. I think muggles will look at them and think they are NewJeans

3. It feels a bit like a combination of NewJeans and TripleS

4. It’s so refreshing, reminds me of NewJeans. I like this song

5. The song is really good but the MV is disappointing

6. The song is good but feels like it overlaps with NewJeans

7. I think it would be good for TikTok or YouTube shorts

8. I don’t know about NewJeans but the song sounds like the early days of f(x) + Red Velvet

9. It seems like the song is aimed at TikTok, the MV is disappointing, the members look like fairies

10. The choreography is so cute

11. It’s pretty and cute but the concept is similar to NewJeans ㅜㅜ

12. It feels more like GWSN than NewJeans

13. The MV is a bit disappointing but the song is good

14. I listened to the album and all the songs are good

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