Netizens react to LE SSERAFIM canceling all schedules for today

Announcement of LE SSERAFIM’s May 20 schedule

1. What about the other members..?

2. They should apologize to the victim, not the fans

3. Because of Kim Garam, the members can’t all work together

4. The other members’ fans must be annoyed… Just kick her out of the group

5. Please leave the group as soon as possible. Why is she shameless?.. I feel sorry for the other members

6. What did the other members do wrong? The company really doesn’t care about them

7. I’m curious why they kept her till the end

8. Please kick her out of the group, please save Kazuha

9. They suspend all members’ activities because of one person? Why are they so stupid?

10. Just kick her out of the group.. What’s up with the other members?

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