Netizens react to Lee Soo Man leaving SM

Lee Soo Man will leave SM today

Initially, he left the position of president and continued to hold the role of executive producer. Now, Lee Soo Man seems to have completely left SM

I don’t know what will happen to Red Velvet and SNSD who Lee Soo Man directly touched

[+408, -30]

1. [+501, -21] Why did he leave SM?….. I like this old man vibes… Red Flavor, Psycho, Growl, Next Level…

2. [+367, -12] Red Velvet’s ‘Feel My Rhythm’ is also produced by Lee Soo Man

3. [+347, -15] I think Red Velvet’s song quality is maintained thanks to Lee Soo Man…

4. [+148, -2] So will Lee Sung Soo bring Lucas back? F*ck

5. [+106, -4] Lee Soo Man’s Chinese dream is an obstacle, but he has the best sense of choosing songs, Yoo Young Jin’s song sense is not so good

6. [+102, -3] The name SM itself is named after Lee Soo Man’s initials, but it’s weird that he left SM

7. [+77, -2] How would SM produce the song without Lee Soo Man..

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Joining hybe wbk

spicy spice

yoo youngjin next.


He’s still the main shareholder in SM so he’s just pulling YHS tbh.


this bs reminds me of “yg leaving yg” lol. it doesn’t matter if they no longer have the title ceo or cco. lsm owns 20% of EVERYTHING sm.

these “news” articles are nothing but desperate attempts to mislead the public and fans.


Ngl, at first i was glad Lee so man left CEO position bc that guy is weird but after seeing how the quality of songs and overall management of groups has going down, can’t imagine how it will be once he left completely SM


Even without him, SM will still earn lots of money, since most of their groups can sell more than 1m physical albums.


He create toxic xenophobia slavery culture in Kpop


He didnt left, he has kicked out by SM’ investors for money laundry


oh no, SM is doom without him. time to jump ship.

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