Netizens react to NCT 127 ‘Fact Check’ MV

NCT 127 ‘Fact Check’ MV

1. The song is so good, the beat is so classy

2. Daebak.. They remind me of SuperM

3. I really like this song

4. Jungwoo’s face is crazy

5. I like the song more when I listen to it with the music video

6. Wow, I love this song, the MV is so good,,,,

7. Mark is really good…

8. The view of Gyeongbokgung Palace is so cool

9. Jaehyun is handsome

10. Wow they spent a lot of money

11. I like this concept

12. The song is good and the MV is good too

13. I love the song so much

14. The scale of the music video is crazy

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