Netizens react to NewJeans performing ‘Right Now’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Bubble Gum’ on Japanese broadcast

NewJeans performs ‘Right Now’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Bubble Gum’ on Japanese broadcast

Right Now


Bubble Gum

1. Hul the stage is so good

2. Wow the choreography is crazy

3. They are so good on stage

4. I want to watch Right Now on Korean music shows ㅠ

5. I could hear the fans cheering and the stage was amazing

6. It’s so good ㅜㅜ The song is good, the choreography is trendy and the kids are good too

7. I also want to watch them on Korean music shows ㅜㅜ

8. Right Now’s choreography is amazing

9. The stage was great and the songs were good too

10. Hanni sings live so well

11. Minji’s style is perfect

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