Netizens react to Red Velvet X aespa ‘Beautiful Christmas’ MV

Red Velvet X aespa ‘Beautiful Christmas’ MV

1. The song is good

2. The song is not my favorite, but their visuals are amazing

3. Ningning is pretty and Seulgi’s voice is so good

4. Joy and Karina’s faces are crazy

5. Wendy, Seulgi, and Ningning’s voices are so good

6. All the kids are so pretty

7. The song is disappointing.. But Wendy’s voice is so good

8. Everyone is pretty, but Karina, Joy, and Irene stand out the most…

9. The kids are pretty, but the song is boring

10. The song is a bit disappointing, Wendy’s voice suits the song so well

11. Seulgi’s voice is so good

12. The song is a bit disappointing, but the kids are so pretty

13. The MV is beautiful but the song is bad

14. I can’t listen to SM’s songs these days

15. Wow, Wendy’s voice suits this song so well

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Jennie is ho

Red velvet really need their junior fame to be relevant again 😭😭😭


The songs alright not the best I’ve heard


mid off 🤝🏻


Someone make it stop, her voice is so annoying she just get the favoritism becuase winter is yyj *daughter*


Hello, you are the same hater from Pannchoa?… lmao, what a loser you are 🙂


is sm forced her to sing like that? im so annoyed as well whenever i listen to her voice. high pitched and way too sassy


they need to get rid off fast speaking singing w forced cute style because if they mean it as rapping, its freakin ugly and ruin the song.

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