Netizens react to RIIZE Seunghan’s handwritten letter

RIIZE Seunghan’s handwritten letter

1. I don’t feel sorry for him at all

2. This is a group, so you should leave the group. Maybe you will debut as a solo artist later

3. RIIZE has a bright future ahead, this decision is the right one

4. This is a rookie group so I think it would be good for the group if that member left

5. But in some ways, he was also the victim of a leak… It was his fault for not being careful

6. I guess the staff had a tough time

7. Does this mean you won’t leave the group?

8. Don’t think about becoming an idol anymore

9. But his life is not short so I don’t understand why he lives so comfortably

10. Do you think the haters here are worse than him?

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