Netizens react to Rocky leaving ASTRO

Rocky leaves ASTRO

1. He worked hard, I hope he’s doing well.. My heart is restless

2. I hope ASTRO gets better

3. What happened..?

4. Now he can do what he wants and live well

5. All the other members seem to have renewed their contracts

6. I hope Astro will do better and the fans will be happier too

7. He should have left the group sooner

8. He will be free to live as he wants

9. He doesn’t seem to care about the group

10. Is the dating rumor the cause???

11. Except for him, the other members care about each other and are close… Cha Eunwoo cares about the group

12. I hope Astro will do better

13. Is he the member who causes controversy over attitude? He doesn’t seem to have any affection for the group

14. He should leave the group, I commend his decision~

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He is handsome unlike uglyy man Jungkook

Last edited 25 days ago by BlinkPink

at least jungkook isn’t full of plastic like your girls


His whole face is melting because of plastic surgery. And there are proofs of nosekook visiting plastic surgeon even leaving his autograph 🤣🤣🤣


Jealous flopink fans. Jungkook is handsome and talented. Unlike jenlazy, stiffsoo, roslut and lisplastic. Jungkook can buy their ygdrug company while flopink is busy sleeping with man. When they reach 40s, those men will be tired sleeping with them since their pussy are getting stinky. They need to marry an ugly fat rich men asap to secure their money in the future


Worry about jungloo forking anything that moves. And being rumored with 100s of women 🤣 but we ship nosekook and his new Buddhist girlfriend yebi 🥺

why is everyone on this site a dumbass?

Are you making several accounts to argue with yourself or are people here stupid enough to fall for this obvious bait


Yup, many people already noticed the same way of commenting along with 6 other accounts, pathetic really


You armpits think only one person dislikes your nugu group? 🤣


You must be a fk loser in you real life. I pity your pathetic life. Because you need to make several accs just to hate on people you don’t know. But I kinda know maybe you deserve it. God give you a messy life because He knows how fk messy you are.


I’m not kidding in the slightest when I say there needs to be a case study done on why yall blinks are so OBSESSED with BTS’ sexual life, actually. I swear every single one of your drags end up in a discussion about who they fuck, like?? 

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I've yujin

Jungkook is gorgeous
Rocky ugly as hell


Uglykook is the most uglyy thing to ever happen to Kpop. Even after all that plastic surgery he just ends up looking like Michael Jackson with muscles 🤣


I’d leave too honestly. They probably have a lot of schedule conflicts because of Cha Eunwoo and they’re most likely making less than him (not his fault, I’m sure he loves his members). It’s clear their company is putting their whole badussy to support him and might not be giving the same attention to the other members. And let’s be real, besides Eunwoo, Astro’s results have been stagnant. They haven’t reached beyond 500k for one album (or ep) for a group that’s been around for over half a decade. They need to help the members get better side hustles too. And Rocky was like, their signature dancer so I wonder how this is gonna go.

seungri is free

Nugu Eunwoo bullied him 🙂 100%


This makes me restless, FanMu is fucking things up for sure 🙄


nugu leaves nugu group. shocking…

Truth speaker

That band promotes that bland guy eunwoo because he got the basic Korean plastic look
So I think that is the reason why this member is leaving


no shade but what’s even the point of the group? i had to google them and the only member i know is eunwoo. their situation is even more severe than the miss a – suzy thing.

eunwoo, like suzy, is the sole star and focus of the group but at least miss a had popular songs. astro have nothing…

Rocky in his Trousers

Good, now he can concentrate to become an actor in Japan. Can’t wait to watch oppa AV movie debut.

Last edited 24 days ago by Rocky in his Trousers
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