Netizens react to rumors of BTS V appearing in NewJeans’ MV

Hul so V was really the special guest in NewJeans’ MV

“Until the day before we came (Spain), I heard that V and NewJeans had been here for three days in a row. The boss said that V’s bare face was freaking handsome.”

So the rumors were true!!!

1. No, I think it’s true, but why are you guys hating on this?

2. I really like it ㅠㅠ I like both V and NewJeans

3. I wonder how V and Jung Hoyeon will appear?ㅋㅋㅋ I wonder if the rumors are true

4. What? There were no evidence at all but the rumors somehow became true

5. I f*cking hate HYBE

6. Wow this is the lineup that I can’t even imagine! Crazy!!

7. But is it confirmed with just that blog post? The MV hasn’t come out yet

8. Why would V appear in another idol’s MV? Are you sure that V and NewJeans just didn’t go to the same restaurant?

9. So V will appear in NewJeans’ MV as the special guest?

10. I like BTS and NewJeans, so I really like this

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