Netizens react to the post saying that the quality of BLACKPINK’s b-side songs is a bit disappointing

The quality of BLACKPINK’s b-side songs is a bit disappointing

They have few comebacks but it would be better if they paid more attention to the b-side songs

1. Can you guys recommend me BLACKPINK’s b-side songs?

-> I recommend you listen to Kick it, Bet You Wanna, The Happiest Girl, Tally. Especially, please remember to listen to ‘Kick It’

2. What the???? Have you listened to BLACKPINK’s b-side songs?

3. I’m not a fan but I like BLACKPINK’s b-side songs so I always listen to all the songs

4. Aren’t they always mentioned as the group that people listen to all the b-side songs? Instead of coming back often, the quality was so good that I waited and listened to all the songs

5. I really like BLACKPINK’s b-side songs

6. You should listen to Typa Girl and Bet You Wanna

7. BLACKPINK is the only group that I listen to all b-side songs except my bias group

8. They have few songs but the quality is so good ㅜㅜ I often listen to the whole album

9. ? Tell me which song do you think is of poor quality?

10. BLACKPINK is often mentioned as the group that every b-side song is good, right?

11. ? Their b-side songs are so good, what are you talking about?ㅋㅋㅋ

12. What are you talking about?.. BLACKPINK album quality is always good

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