Netizens react when an SM fan says HYBE should take over SM

I’m a fan of SM, but I want HYBE to win…

Thinking about SM’s future, HYBE seems to do better…

1. Do you really think HYBE will do better?? I’m asking because I’m curious

2. I’m a fan of SM, but I choose Kakao

3. Even HYBE fans want Kakao to take over SM

4. Well, I think HYBE will be good if you let go of all emotions in your heart, such as rivalry

5. I wish HYBE took over SM

6. Isn’t Kakao better if you’re a fan of SM?

7. I choose Kakao

8. What do you talking about? Kakao is better than HYBE

9. Fans of HYBE idols also hope Kakao will take over SM

10. Whether you’re a fan of HYBE idols or a fan of SM, you wouldn’t want HYBE to take over SM

11. For me, Kakao is better than HYBE

12. I bet you are not a fan of SM

13. It’s OP’s opinion, so don’t fight here

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dot com bubble

Tbh half of Hybe stans don’t want Hybe SM to be taken over by Hybe because they don’t see any advantage to doing so and the other half just wants to watch the world burn lol


Not to watch the world burn but just SM stans taste their own tea

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at this point I want kakao to win & then later betray sm on what they asked because eventually, kakao will buy the rights of the management, especially since sm has agreed to what kakao asked of them like distribution, promotion in America, their sm artists have to perform their events & concert…


If Kakao does buy sm fully, they will close it and burn it like they have many others. That will be fun to see.


I’m in the “not a hybe stan but think it’s hilarious schadenfreude that sm is getting bought by them” camp SM has pissed me off for years, the fact they are failing at all means I already won


I still have grudge againts SM on how they fumble infinite activities when woolim was under them


I just want SM downfall


fr. but not without those arrogant stans putting the blame on hybe now

WhatsThe Point

I want kakao to do their thing, sm anyway is ready to hand over the distribution of music to kakao, let them delete the artists songs again like last time and kpop stans will know what real monopoly is


Looking thru comments&qrts of some twt translation accs regarding SMxKakao deals convinced me that most SM stans didn’t care unless HYBE is included. “Anything but HYBE”, “both are monopolies so better choose the bigger one” although if Kakao wins, they’ll have exclusive distribution rights for SM artists’ physical&digital music, ticket vendors for concerts&fanmeets & joint venture to produce a global group etc. & not a word when it’s stated that both have strong interest in the US market but so much to say when HYBE said they can help SM in the US market while benefit from SM’s experience with the SE Asia’s market

Comment 4 🙌🏼 You’re better off admitting that the reason why you’re ok with one but not the other is bcs one is already big before SM was founded while the other was looked down upon

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This tbh I think SM fans, EXO Ls in particular would rather drink sewage than be under Hybe and be subjected to torment by ARMYs lmao it’s a pride thing more than a logic thing. Honestly just let them be absorbed by Kakao. Hybe should stay out of this mess.


Be fr, most fans of Hybe grps don’t seem to actually care what happens to SM as long as it doesn’t negatively affect our favs, including myself. But objectively speaking, I wouldn’t want Kakao to get SM either, even if Hybe wasn’t in the picture.

My only concern is that Kakao has already shown to repeatedly use underhanded/illegal tactics (the Spotify removal, MelOn charting/award manipulations, idol media smear campaigns, to name some recent scandals–heck, their execs have even stolen their artists’ royalties before and Kakao was willing to pull out their artists’ revenue source thru Spotify bc they cared more abt getting rid of their competition in the streaming market, so idky anyone would be willing to trust their favs to them).

So, Kakao getting bigger as a monopoly in the K-entertainment industry IS likely to negatively affect my favs in the Korean music market, at least (even if they don’t actually need that market, I still don’t want them to be limited or subject to foul play in Korea either), esp as Kakao Enter is set to go public.


I’m not Hybe stan..I stan BTS and BTS only. But I hope Kakao take over SM, so I can watch SM crumbles to the ground. I really hope those SM pink blood fans will see what they choose. Even from their Executives presentation, they want to give exclusive rights to Kakao for album and music distribution. Imagine the hypocrites who screamed Hybe would monopoly their favs. ITS GONNA BE FUN !!


I really wish HYBE leave SM alone because I’d like to see how SM is going to end. Also it’s a headache to see smstans and hybestans fight


Do you major business??? If is then you’re practically really dumb. SM is a business model for every k-pop music company out there. No matter how dumb or corrupt their CEO’s are the company will stand more than anyone out there. And about HYBE they just like to put their feet in everyone’s blanket. Even though they got zero knowledge but all they know is “takeover”. Funny how HYBE wanted to buy SM’s training system at some point.


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SM actually not even in deficit or else, all this just because chris lee let kakao bought the share without lee sooman and suddenly its ww3 between the three company

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