Netizens said that Jennie’s company did better than YG after seeing pictures of her at the Chanel show posted by her company

Pictures of Jennie at the Chanel show posted by her company

Freaking pretty

This is my favorite Jennie Chanel watch campaign photo

[+89, -38]

1. [+24, -5] They are definitely 1000 times better at doing their work than YG

2. [+15, -1] I’m so glad they posted about her like this. I couldn’t even dream of this when she was in YG

3. [+11, -3] I hope that Jennie’s company will try their best to sue the haters, it seems like they are doing it secretly, but I hope that Jennie will catch all the haters

4. [+8, -2] They did so well. They also are good at reading their emails. I hope they release a lawsuit statement soon

5. [+7, -0] Freaking pretty

6. [+6, -0] This picture is so good

7. [+3, -5] But honestly, compared to Jang Wonyoung, her visuals are worse

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