Netizens said that RIIZE Wonbin doesn’t suit blonde hair when they saw him on his way to Japan

RIIZE Wonbin’s journalist pictures with blonde hair departing for Japan in real time

The photo was taken by a fan with phone camera at the airport

1. Wow, his face is so crazy

2. Is he Korean?

3. He looks like E’Dawn

4. Today’s outfit and hairstyle match so well. He is so handsome

5. No, these are really journalist pictures? He really looks good no matter what he does

6. I think he looks better with black hair. With blonde hair, he looks like a normal idol

7. It’s not that he’s handsome or ugly, he looks like a different person, right?

8. Looking at him like this, he looks like Haechan

9. He looks much better with black hair

10. He looks better with black hair, but it seems like he’s trying out different styles

11. I think black hair suits him better

12. He looks like a Japanese singer

13. Reminds me of E’Dawn… Black hair suits him better

14. It doesn’t suit him, I think black hair is better

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