Netizens say it’s the NewJeans era after seeing their songs chart 1st, 2nd and 3rd on Melon

NewJeans ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, all-kill on Melon

1. NewJeans vs NewJeans vs NewJeans

2. We really live in the era of NewJeansㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Wow, I really like NewJeans’ songs

4. NewJeans also ranked 1st to 3rd on Apple Musicㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. I really like OMGㅋㅋ The more you listen to the song, the better it gets

6. Attention ranked 8th, 4 songs all made it to the top 10

7. NewJeans is seriously awesome, it’s the best ever

8. It’s the NewJeans era

9. Hype boy is amazing

10. Crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I like all NewJeans songs

11. I don’t get tired of listening to their songs

12. I like all the songs

13. I like all NewJeans songs. Please give me more songs. It’s good that there are more songs to listen to

14. NewJeans is crazy ㅋㅋ

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Cant wait for a full album drop


they’re crazy honestly. I don’t stan them but I hope they’ll keep doing well steadily, seeing other girl groups getting bashed for just one bad song release is quite sad tbh.

queen 🐝

That’s what’s difficult with 4th gen ggs now, one release that the gp doesn’t like and they drop them for the new shiny thing. I hope ggs can cultivate a loyal fandom as well.


Yeah its scary. Thats why i cant predict for 4th gen gg. Competitions are insane. Korean gp can easily forget them if they have 1 “bad” song. Just look at aespa. Last year, people being praising them but this year, people totally forget them. I think i only can predict it like after 2-3years when hype going down with yg also already debuted new gg.


they’re insane

Hi, I'm Guest

It hurts me that Hurt is so underrated


Are their songs really good? Or just because it’s the trend


Well music is subjective but I love their songs


I love all their songs so far. They are very refreshing and the choreos are top notch too. The girls are pretty as heck, have great vocal tones, all are good dancers and they give off highschool best friends vibe rather than being just colleagues.


mid & overrated imo.


They’re doing so well and are refreshing. But I am curious if they’d have longevity


Well for now they’re doing amazing but the majority that tune into them are defo casual listeners they need to build a dedicated fanbase like all kpop groups need to survive


Agreed. The gp is fickle, it’s good to have them tuning in to you but a dedicated and loyal fandom will take a group further.


I always get a feel newjeans got tons of casual listeners but not really actual hardcore fans. Like seem mostly bandwagon stans. I rarely saw a clip of their interviews, performances, individual members, etc. Its mainly just people use their songs on tiktok. I think i saw more le sserafim members individually than newjeans. For example that iconic yunjin body bending part in antifragile that everyone took it n make it as parody lol. Only danielle seem making a bit of hype. N ador seem not really that creative in making award show, year-end performances. Its feel that typical SM performances. Fortunately, newjeans are good dancers n not lazy lol. But overall its still a boring performances..


It’s true their year end performances were not great


Yeahh thats the probably the biggest downside of them. Its maybe not really obvious right now as they still trending group but if we based on aespa, once hype going down, they gonna get dragged for their year end show performances. Also i dont like how people only mainly talk newjeans members visual. Rarely about their individual talent. But thats maybe because they all kinda similar level in dancing n singing.


You got it right


why are you comparing new jeans and lsrf? both have different music style and choreography. LSRF are leagues above other groups but New Jeans are also amongst the better performers. They can also improve because they’re much younger than other groups. If New Jeans are boring, how does it make IVE and Aespa? lol


Who said ive n aespa not boring tho. They super boring too. What i mean, newjeans year end shows performances dont bring creativity. Its has similar level of creativity with SM, YG. Which kinda dragging down newjeans whole concepts. Like their mv are already good but their live performance year end shows not really on par creative. Its just feel ador only put more focus on visual n styling.

Last edited 1 month ago by 22s

yea, the music seems boring & overrated. Saw sung sikyung’s song (ost from yrs ago- jeon jihyun-kim soohyun drama) + taeyeon’s manyake + bts spring day. Those are songs that survive bcs they’re gd songs. Not sure if these songs will be listened to a yr later.

this grp seems largely made of bandwagoning gp who have nothing new to stan. but isn’t yg coming up w a new grp? have seen userids being changed to ‘babymonsters’ or baemon related alr, & there’s only a teaser. Am sure when baemon/ iland 2/ sm band gg comes out, it’ll flip back to them. niziu too.

Kpop Boomer

I’m wondering how long they’re going to keep doing the Y2K concept/sound for their music. I feel like the gp has associated them with that now, so if they decide to switch it up, that might be what turns them off of them, but I guess we’ll see what happens.


why isn’t admin translating the trending post about lsf lip syncing at kohaku and on another show while sitting down?

all this engergy for ive but when it’s hybe groups, it’s quiet…


Ended bts, ive, leserafom xD


u mad


Netizens are very stupid. They are surprised by the success of New Jeans and believe that they invented a “new sound” when literally ditto, omg, and all New Jeans songs are plagiarized from 10 years ago to the American industry. That group of girls will never be successful abroad because for us their sound is very common and boring.


tell me how does it feel like to be a miserable pathetic unlovable loser??


I don’t feel miserable, I’m not a yellow Korean who applauds boring groups like new jeans.


oh so you’re just a pathetic unlovable loser, good to know

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