Netizens say J-Hope failed with his solo debut

What’s up with J-Hope charting out in 1 hour only;

He has BTS’ firepower and he’s pushed the most by HYBE.. Isn’t he popular with the public?

He even had a party yesterday

[+261, -248]

1. [+275, -258] The reason why J-Hope completely failed even though he was the first member to make a solo debut in BTS: first of all, J-Hope has no fans. He’s not good at singing, his rapping skills aren’t that good either. The public barely knows that there’s a member named J-hope in BTS

2. [+261, -208] It’s because he has no individual recognition and his song is not good

3. [+231, -201] People only know BTS, meanwhile J-Hope.. is just another celebrity

4. [+123, -70] He even made a loud partyㅋㅋ

5. [+94, -34] His song was lackluster but it reflects what his own taste are. I think he’s cool because I don’t think he cares about the charts

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