Netizens say Rosé is so much better than J-Hope after seeing their dating rumors

Did Rosé introduce J-Hope to Saint Laurent?

[+80, -326]

1. [+411, -342] As long as Rosé doesn’t have any problems with her eyes…

2. [+301, -216] I’m not a fan of BTS or BLACKPINK, but I feel sorry for Rosé

3. [+250, -164] Rosé has a new ad today, but why are J-Hope fans acting like this?

4. [+157, -113] I really feel sorry for Rosé

5. [+152, -126] I think she would suit Jungkook better

6 .[+145, -100] Honestly, J-Hope has a face that’s uglier than the handsome guys on Instagram, but Rosé sings well, is more popular than J-Hope

7. [+132, -88] Rosé could have been so much better

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