Netizens say that BLACKPINK is throwing away their main jobs while focusing on fashion shows

Why is BLACKPINK putting their lives on the line for fashion shows?

BLACKPINK is focusing more on fashion shows and runways than releasing albums as singers. They’re not even models so why are they focusing on fashion?

I feel like they’re not like other celebrities. What is the reason for that?

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1. [+532, -38] Is there any reason not to go when they’re being invited?

2. [+359, -36] You guys are just jealous of them because your faves can’t even get invited

3. [+330, -271] I just feel like they’re more like celebrities than singers

4. [+262, -19] It’s great to see the BLACKPINK members taking turns being plastered on the outside walls of department stores these days… Isn’t it the fact that idols started the movement to be brand ambassadors after BLACKPINK?

5. [+238, -250] I think they’re throwing away their main jobs while focusing on useless things

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