Netizens say that BLACKPINK Jennie is freaking amazing with ‘You & Me’

Jennie is freaking amazing

Jennie’s ‘You & Me’ released last Friday reached #27 (+10) on Apple Music Global chart

Highest record among K-Pop female solo artists

Highest record among Asian female solo artists

She only promoted for 2 days before releasing it, it’s also just a fan song

It’s also in the upper half of the domestic chart now, she’s doing so well

[+234, -71]

1. [+55, -11] I love this part of the ‘You & Me’ performance video so much that I watch it everyday,,,

2. [+52, -17] I don’t think anyone can deny Jennie’s star factor and buzz factorㅋㅋ She performed this song 1 year ago with no promotions until 2 days ago when she released the songㅋㅋ But she’s still able to break new records with it. She’s amazing

3. [+46, -11] She really needs to release a solo album

4. [+38, -6] Please release a full album

5. [+17, -3] Wow, Jennie will do well as a solo artist, this is not an official comeback, she just released a song without any promotions but she did so well

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