Netizens say that BLACKPINK Rosé is not sincere anymore

Rosé lost focus…

Is she not sincere anymore?

What was she doing..?

The life of a celebrity, not a singer

[+418, -216]

1. [+333, -52] They have over 30 shows, but is that the only thing you find?

2. [+324, -18] Seriously, I’m not a fan of BLACKPINK, but it’s funny and confusing to say that popular female idols, including BLACKPINK, have all lost their original intentions with just a few gifs on stage. Seriously, where are they from, the idols they’re bashing every day are different, today the post about Rosé appeared again, so next time it’s Jennie, Jisoo, and the next time it’s Aespa’s stage gif, and then IVE

3. [+300, -24] I guess my favorite idols are nugu idols, so they can’t live the celebrity life because they can’t hold concerts or become ambassadors ㅠㅠ? Poor,,

4. [+266, -153] Wow what is the second gif? No, she was talking on the phone in front of fans…?

5. [+218, -227] If you look at Rosé, she’s not good at anythingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+176, -12] You must have had a hard time finding those gifs

7. [+130, -60] She should have worked harder on stage

8. [+82, -54] When people become famous, their true nature will be revealed

9. [+46, -6] Except for Lisa, the other members are not sincere anymore

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she realized that she doesnt have to try to earn money


3rd gif ☠️


comment #1 and #2 eat it


“they have over 30 shows” and you can find so much more in every of them plssss I really don’t see any other group this bad at performing.

spicy spice

they are all changed once the fame hit them. like how they are look so passionate in their rookie days until d4 was ‘exploded’ and being bunch of lazy girls.

being energetic infront of your fans means you are grateful for what you got, cuz they are your ATM. but these girls only loves that easy money i guess. i feel bad for their fans who defend them to death while they wasn’t respected by their fav.


Leave your false worry loser


she said the truth chill 😂

spicy spice

me? worried abt them? no thanks.


They spend 14. Hours per day dance training, have to write songs, and the 13 days that they have for their days off they probably want to see family or take a brake cause they don’t wanna post 24/7 for privacy and when they do post it’s mostly at dance practice or after so shut up.

spicy spice

what are you talking about? and since when they are writing songs? lol. it’s all teddy’s lmao.


It is IMPOSSIBLE to practice dancing that long and be as bad as they are, I’m sorry. Wanna see what it looks like when a gg practices into the night? There. There are so many girls out there who actually work as hard as you say, are as dedicated as you say, and put out songs they write and compose. I almost feel bad that you’ve been brainwashed into liking these girls when they keep giving nothing.


9. [+46, -6] Except for Lisa, the other members are not sincere anymore

THIS. Its so obvious when only lisa always consistent on stage. Seem like she the only one who always love to perform. Now they see their fans as ATM n act cute, pretty to cover their laziness. Insane to see how many times their fans try to defend their inconsistencies.

This has happened since 2017 actually. After AIFYL era. Jennie laziness was the start. That one year after debut. Those clips of her viral lazy video was from 2017. Ever since then, i lose respect on her slowly n later whole group. I also hate to see how they always being fake when its come to where they perform. When its come to impress their white friends, they gonna give 100%. When its bring less clout, they just dont care. Ever since 2010, i have never seen a group that got away many times like this. I guess being privilege as pretty, popular, big company are the reasons. At this rate, they wont care, as they still gonna be popular, rich. Thats what happen when you never need to work that hard to achieve popularity(except trainee days as EVERY trainees work hard to debut).


But other than dancing she can’t really do anything☹️, she is so hard working that is sad


She can sing


and the thing is……. had this been any other rival group (bts, twice) & jennie, rose akgaes that don’t leave lisa alone, we all know they wouldn’t let them get away with this. i’ve seen their fans on pannchoa call twice and bts passionate dancing 7+ years after their debut overhyped and “angry dancing” while praising bp, can you believe the audacity?
Only 1 year after jennie was already not giving a fuck and giving bitch face expressions to their asian fans, so it was funny watching her come alive when it was time to perform on coachella and the french president.
but hey, if they like it, good for them


She only care for Jeremy 🥲, poor blinks




And this pretty lil tw1nk only care about his w00nga d@dd1es and bongo d@dd1e:

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Hi, I'm Guest

Wdym?? Can’t uols see how passionate they twerked their nonexistent ass?? Stop discrediting their passion to twerk! They put their blood sweat & tear for all the twerks they had done! 😤😤




I don’t really know but is so funny how she is texting in the middle of a concert


Stfu was recording the blinks


LMAOO had the cell phone because he was recording the blinks lol and the others are still using the same gifs from the first concert that LMAOO went ahead loser


exactly. I thought I’d see something new. the fake concern


They need to focus on this $/vt

broke noona

notice how they can only show a 1-2 seconds gifs…no matter what they do, even of they try their hardest, people will find a way to hate on them and that’s called JEALOUSY


They need to worry about this lil twnk


how the heck is this acceptable?


I just find them so cringe. Stuck thin models acting like they know how to dance, with songs they hate and members they can barely stand to be around.


It’s not just 1 or 2 gifs but multiple instances of this chinse hag acting like this. All BP girlies are lazy and have been for a while maybe apart from Lisa. They don’t respect fans and take everything for granted cuz they know their fans are like dogs wagging their tails at everything they do. Just like the ones defending them here.

Fans only expect them to dress well and post ictures on insta. That’s their major profession, being idols is secondary for self insert agenda fans and these unprofessional pathetic idols.


They don’t even look at their fans’ faces during the concert. This is really funny actually. These gifs are not hard to find. You can easily access midpink’s lazy videos on all social media. The hardest part is that the fans come up with tons of excuses to protect them. 🤣🤣


Are they just realizing this about midpink? You can tell they’re not interested in music or even their fans. Never seen such a money grab group… we’ll maybe the avengers of kpop 😭😭😭


They have 14 hours of dance class per day, plus they have to think/ record songs, and the 13 days they get to have off they probably want to see family and or want to rest so when they record it’s usually at or after dance classes so they are TIRED. Also you can’t talk you don’t know if she’s going three something and you probably can’t do their job and don’t know how hard it is


They’re right 😂 She’s completely changed. Now she’s lazy and looks like she dgaf. All she cares about is fashion shows


I noticed this while watching some of their performances but I wouldn’t say this gifs are right supporters of this argument. There a lot more better examples.
It’s unfortunate. Not giving their all really highlights how bad their choreos are, but then again, maybe if they had different choreos we wouldn’t notice how lacking they are.


successful women are criticized for everything, even things the fans don’t mind, clippings of seconds, them dancing, them taking pictures of the crowded audience and the idlers criticizing… while you cry they remain the queens of kpop

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