Netizens say that Haerin seems to be the only one with a different vibe among Dior ambassadors

Haerin seems to be the only one with a different vibe in Dior’s photos


[+213, -52]

1. [+121, -31] I think that Haerin would suit Chanel better

2. [+102, -4] But they all seem to have that deer image? But Haerin is the only one who has the cat image

3. [+91, -39] I’m sick of these Dior gatekeepers

4. [+53, -27] It’s just the difference in outfits, don’t mind this post and go to Enter-talk

5. [+46, -9] So what? Go to Enter-talk

6. [+36, -7] In my opinion, Haerin suits Chanel and Minji suits Dior

7. [+33, -11] She’s the only one who doesn’t have luxury

8. [+15, -0] In short, she doesn’t suit luxury brands

9. [+14, -2] Honestly, I feel like she looks like a middle school student going there with her mother

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Y’all say this every week pls sthu


She is a kids offc she doesn’t suit dior


“different vibe” = she’s a child


she shouldn’t be an ambassador she looks like a little girl and is one


Maybe cause she is a kid…and rather than endorsing luxury brands she should be more into building her individual popularity…I mean it’s a no brainer BTS money and influence is the reason why hybe is getting those individual ambassador ship to these girls who don’t even own an individual stable fanbase of their own.


BTS are being treated like shit from hybe and if you people love hybe more than BTS then only you will disagree with me.


I mean I don’t wanna sound harsh but she literally looks like a muggle there. I mean I am not even getting a single celebrity vibes from looking at her. It’s like looking at a normal school girl in a school event.


Haerin is the prettiest. And she is only 16 yrs old here so give her time


Well both Dior ambassadors from Hybe don’t fit in at all 🙊

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