Netizens say that HYBE idols are not a family like other companies

HYBE idols don’t have the “We are a family” atmosphere like other companies????

SM idols have a family relationship

HYBE only has labels

1. They weren’t family in the first placeㅋㅋㅋ

2. But isn’t it natural..?

3. Of course they are not a family

4. If SM is the big family, then HYBE are the neighbors

5. Of course.. They’re not a family..

6. They don’t care about each other

7. Think of it as different departments in the same university

8. I never felt like they were a family, the staff members of each label are different, and I didn’t think of them as a family at Weverse Con

9. Because all companies are different

10. They just use the same office building, they’re not a family

11. It’s just a completely different concept

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If SM is a family, then they’re a toxic cult family like The Duggar’s.

I think they meant the idols…


They are under different music label at the first place…


It’s unfair to compare hybe with sm ent when hybe is made up of different labels. Sm ent acquired woolim ent and yet you don’t see them saying woolim ent & sm ent are like family. They only say sm ent is like family bc duh there’s many artists under sm’s label. Hybe’s real label is bighit & they’re like family. Other labels under hybe are like family within their labels too


Speaking of it, I like how healthy and natural the family dynamic is with btxt. We don’t even hear about the house visits and interactions they have until way later in random interviews or radio shows, like everything has been happening off camera for the longest time now.


dont blame them. armys are made up of Millions of fans and obviously a quarter of them will feel superior and say some shit everytime those kids talk abt bts. but joon told them to show how close they are so they can stfu abt it and let the tannies and the boys be as close as they want


Family agenda is toxic in a way


It’s pure marketing, what’s crazy is people actually buy it

Guest Usernames Are Cowards

Funny how they say SM idols have a family relationship when many SM idols have been leaked to hate on even their group members. Some family that was 😆




stop obsessing being family over business. i wont ever take my co worker as family lol. never


because there’s no need to be family. they can be friends, co-workers, competitors etc


Me personally, I prefer the ‘friendly neighbors who run into each other once every 3 months’ than the ‘we’re such a happy family but secretly can’t stand each other’ agenda 😭




It’s a business. They’re not a family. I never understood SM family propaganda specially seeing what SM does to any artist that tries to leave on their own terms or goes against them.


I bet some of these “family” company idols hate each other and feel so cross when they gotta smile in each other’s faces to sell themselves as a family so ppl buy those family concert tickets. I for one will NEVER view coworkers I’ve never lived with as family. If they lived with me, sooner of later we’d see each other’s true colors and can decide where to go from there.

meow meow

i find work families weird anyways it’s totally not necessary 😭 not that it’s wrong if some are close but even in normal jobs the “we’re a family” mindset is super uncomfortable and forced most of the time


At least they didn’t shove that we are family fake vibe


Family bs in companies is codeword for toxic and abusive so GOOD.


and those “family” are the one who’s gonna destroyed it, see how many times sm was stabbed by their chinese members, heck even lee Soo Man was stabbed by his own nephew.


as it should.


Hybe is an umbrella company….of course hybe groups are not family and thank god for that. Weird thinking of kpop stans..


Bangtan doesn’t need these payola queens


This family among companies are so stupid. Like ???


this is pure bs 😂
that FaMiLy thing is a delusion made by the flop3 & their dumb fans lmaooo


I mean, I would disagree. TXT and LSF seem super close. TXT and Enhypen seem to get along great. Seventeen and New Jeans get along well. LSF and New Jeans seem to also get along well. Seventeen literally seems to get along with everyone. And so does BTS. I don’t…see how that’s not a family vibe. Honestly, even though they’re from different labels, they have the most family-like vibe without it seeming forced like SME.

Lazy Banana

People are delusional if they think SM idols treat each other like a family. Wasn’t a member of EXO and NCT exposed that they can’t stand their own members? That’s just what’s leaked, what about those that hasn’t seen the light? Also what kind of family forces their family to sign a slave contract, hmm SM?

It is what it is

I agree, SM idols train together, appear on tv programs tgt, even make music tgt. While in Hybe I’ve seen only SVT and txt try to befriend other groups.
And let’s not forget how BTS are set apart from others. Even Hoshi said how difficult is to be close to bts


SM family Chinese Idols must be bastard’s son in SM family


I think BTS seems close with txt and seventeen. With txt cause same label mates and with seventeen cause they debuted at same era which is 3rd gen so they have interacted and been friends before this whole merging thing too. Idk with rest I don’t see they are really close. Yes they support them as a nice senior but apart from that I don’t think so. Do correct me if I am wrong anywhere.


sm stans pushing the family agenda way too hard 😭 we really do not care keep that family shit to yourselves


does sm ent idols look like a family to you? HAHAHA more like they’re hidden competitors

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