Netizens say that it’s hard to find an idol as perfect as BLACKPINK Lisa

Why is Lisa so..

Her body is becoming more and more perfect..

She must be working out so hard

[+254, -65]

1. [+113, -6] Seriously, Lisa hasn’t had any controversies since her debut until now, she manages herself so well and she works really hard at her job, have you heard about her from the staff she works with? If you listened to the staff who worked with her, they always praise her

2. [+78, -4] I really can’t believe she’s not even 170, her proportions are a scam

3. [+42, -2] Her body is perfect… And she looks like AI

4. [+38, -6] This unnie is perfect…. There’s nothing to hate about her

5. [+33, -3] I was surprised when I saw her fancam, he looks like a character from the game

6. [+18, -0] Looks like she’s a real genius. She’s never been criticized for things like self-management, no personality controversies, no private life controversies, no talent controversies… It’s rare to find an idol as perfect as her

7. [+13, -1] I’m not a fan either, but among celebrities, who doesn’t want to be born with a body like Lisa’s?

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you're dong

this again?


No one forced you to click, whale




sad = you


Lisa rarely has any post from knetz. What do you mean this again?


This is not knetz, this is a fan that writes these post.


every post about it should include a pre-debut picture. just as a reminder


She has so many pre debut pics but y’all obsess over that one edited one to feel better about yourself and your beast like faves 😭


edited? 😂😂😂😂 sure


It’s literally been proven to be you cretin


I can name 100 others who are better than her and her lipsyncing ass but go off ig…blinks are known as pathological liars for a reason


Jihyo exists…just saying. These kblinks need to take a huge dump somewhere else. Respect Lisa but Jihyo is totally the best idol rn.


Nobody gives a fuck about irrelevant Jihyo. This post is about Lisa. Stop inserting her. Make your own post


No I won’t cracker


What irrelevant is you and your ass btw


You can come to twice posts unprovoked and start shit talking about them but God forbids if we return the same energy towards your idols.

spicy spice

what perfect? not talking abt her talent (cuz she’s called as a rapper but never even write down her own rap lyrics) but her body alone was waaaaaaay too average for an idol.

fr. this is how bp members maintain their brand reputation list, yg mediaplayed them for these nonsense things. it’s either jisoo’s visual or members’ proportion.


Thanks for the downvotes? i ain’t reading this


As usual this place is infested with miserable bp antis. Lisa stays pretty, talented and successful regardless though.


tranny Lisa




Yg mediaplay goes crazy lmao. There is a reason why Lisa is called a ladyboy bcz her body is straight like pole with no curves. Enough with the fake hype for these dozens and Lisa’s lipsyncing ass. If she wasn’t a rapper she would be dragged just as much as momo for having a horrible voice and her visuals aren’t that great too. Yg pays these sites everyday to hype up these lazy dozens


YG doing mediaplay for Lisa?

For Lisa?

The Lisa who can’t even appear solo on Korean TV? Whose money was stolen and feeds every parasite at YG? Who is never prioritized in the group? Who is always restricted?

You mean THAT Lisa?

Hahahahahah, Hhh. I can’t believe there exist people as dumb as you. And you’re obviously blind if you claim Lisa has no curves, so how did you even write this stupid post?


perfect? lizard? 😂😂😂😂


Perfect RAT = YOU and your mother


Flat chest. Flat azz, cant sing or rap unless she is parroting another rapper


just say you are obese you fat ass pork.


What better idol as her😂😂…..she is just good in dancing or nothing….. 😆 Lol

Ladyboy 화영

Lisa with perfect body? Bahahahaa More like a stick, no a$$, no b**bs, just straight like a table. Like an oversized 12 year old girl. I’m not surprised either of these blackoink girls, don’t have energy to finish a 2 hrs concert or do coreo. Like look at them stick figures, and fans want coreos and powerful dances ahahaahaha lol
Plus, did any of them in 7+ years since they debuted ever got lyrics credits at least?
Sad, they should just retire.

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