Netizens say that Jennie often wears casual clothes but she still looks pretty

Jennie wears casual clothes

Recently I was looking for BLACKPINK Jennie’s airport outfits, but I was surprised that none of the clothes were more elaborate than I thought, and most of them were simple and comfortable…

But she still looks so pretty

[+70, -20]

1. [+20, -2] I like Jennie’s casual clothes, this one looks good too

2. [+16, -0] She usually wears comfortable clothes for long flights

3. [+13, -1] She has pretty shoulders, so she’ll look good no matter what she wears ㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+12, -0] She has good proportions and a pretty face, so she looks good in any outfit

5. [+2, -1] Jennie’s clothes really suit her

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