Netizens say that NewJeans Hanni’s trapezius muscles are too severe

Aren’t Hanni’s trapezius muscles too severe?

What do you think?

Her trapezius muscles look severe – vote up

She looks normal – vote down

[+455, -205]

1. [+352, -161] Her proportions are seriously sad

2. [+333, -112] Those are too severe

3. [+318, -104] Can’t girl group members manage their trapezius muscles these days? Their company should give them some botox or something

4. [+252, -8] Those are pictures that were taken in an instant but she’s so pretty

5. [+84, -0] Most girls who are obsessed with female idols’ trapezius muscles are ugly

6. [+46, -2] Hanni is pretty

7. [+22, -12] I thought it was Ma Dong Seok

8. [+13, -0] I’m sorry, but even if you guys say her trapezius muscles are severe, she’s still much prettier and more popular than you guys… ㅋㅋ

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Is this for real….wtf. we’re nitpicking trapezius muscles now?? Knets obsessed with square boney shoulders its so fckn weird


no because that article a year back praising an idol’s 90 degree shoulders was really weird, no naturally fit body is so devoid of muscle that their shoulders do that… but knets love hyping up visible eating disorders as enviable.

It is what it is

I don’t see how some muscles are so important ???


Are they for real??? trapezius muscles??? WTH


Recommending an 18 year old Botox is crazy…

meow meow

what a miserable country how do ppl seriously type out this bs and think “yeah i’m in the right” u need to be psychologically evaluated


There is botox for the trapezius??? Damn, first time hearing that


Sometimes she is cute but still be a visual hole like minji

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Korea is so weird

Another Guest

Istg everyday there’s a new body part that knetz notice about idols. It can be the face shape, the face size, ant waist. So many nitpicking but if you see average Koreans, idols will look like gods and goddesses.

New Genes

at least she has prettier face than them.

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