Netizens say that Red Velvet Irene looks older now

Irene showed her age today

She was born in 1991, she’s 33 years old in Korea

[+283, -203]

1. [+402, -17] Wow, I can see Moon Jeong Won’s face more and more clearly

2. [+224, -26] She looks like 33 years old

3. [+206, -123] She’s causing too much trouble for the group, I think she should stop being active at this point to help the group. Does she still use the master bedroom with bathroom in the dorm?

3. [+172, -14] She looks like she’s in her 30s

4. [+105, -121] F*cking pretty

5. [+86, -3] Getting old is natural, aging is natural, right? I don’t really like Irene, but when I see people saying that celebrities are getting older, it’s a bit ridiculous.. She’s getting old, so what?

6. [+77, -38] Don’t be violent, everyone please be kind

7. [+72, -12] I don’t like her, but even if she gets older, she’ll be prettier than the haters…

8. [+41, -16] Taeyeon and Yoona are older than her but they seriously look so young

9. [+35, -35] However, she’s still so pretty

10. [+28, -6] Instead, she looks much more natural than idols who get Botox and plastic surgery

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10 I’ve got some news for you


She is naturally aged and still looking awsome than most 30s.


she always looks like her age, sm stan only love to exaggerate everything abt her looking youthful. if its park boyoung and jang nara ill agree, but irene always looks like her age or even older imho

Potion of Youth

Do you want to look youthful? Well, I have the right potion for you. 😘


mommy Irene


ugly hag 😷


is jin crying at the military


Knowing what she’s done behind closed doors…kinda hard to see her in the same light.


Wow a woman aging?!?! How ridiculous i thought they’re vampires…


She has always looked her age. If she wasn’t so short and built like a kid she wouldn’t be called younger than her age.


I don’t see the problem. Honestly, she can pass for someone who is 25 and without having surgery

Last edited 7 months ago by Regina

I see her the same as always, but if you don’t believe me, you should see the photos that she usually uploads without makeup to bbl and stop dramatizing everything.

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