Netizens say that RIIZE members dance better than they thought

RIIZE kids dance better than I thought

There’s nothing to say about Shotaro (He’s so good that he’s on another level)

Wonbin also dances so well in his own style.

It seems like Sohee hasn’t been learning dance for long but I can see his maturity. He uses his body well

1. Sohee is amazing, she dances so well

2. Sohee’s dance is good

3. Sohee seems really talented. Sungchan and Eunseok have apparently been trainees for a long time

4. Eunseok has been a trainee for 7 years

5. Hasn’t Eunseok been a trainee for almost 7 years?

6. Wonbin and the rest of the members are also doing so well

7. Sohee seems to have a natural talent for dancing

8. Sohee and Anton are doing so well, I want to see their next comeback with a performance-oriented song

9. Chanyoung also had a short training period but he was really good

10. Sungchan also dances so well

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