Netizens say that Rosé looks like a goddess at the Sulwhasoo event

Sulwhasoo Rosé

She was so pretty in her white dress….

[+148, -32]

1. [+38, -8] I really like Rosé’s styling when attending the Sulwhasoo event.. She’s the best

2. [+28, -6] Looking at things like this, I wonder if this is the same person? She’s so cute

3. [+28, -7] I heard that she looks like a goddess, I also want to see her in real life ㅠ

4. [+27, -7] She’s so tall, she looks like a goddess, no joke

5. [+17, -22] The brand wants to restructure the brand and target the MZ generation, so they chose Rosé as a model, but I heard that sales are decreasing… Why does the MZ generation use Sulwhasoo?

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