Netizens say that they are jealous of Lee Jae Wook and that he should pay more taxes after seeing Karina’s new pictures on Instagram

Aespa Karina updates her Instagram

1. Looks like she’s from another race. Is she an elf?

2. I’m jealous of Lee Jae Wook

3. Karina is so pretty, the last picture is so cute

4. I’m really jealous of Lee Jae Wook

5. Lee Jae Wook should pay more taxes

6. The first thing I thought of was Lee Jae Wook

7. Karina is happy

8. If it’s Karina’s Instagram then all you have to do is talk about Karina, don’t you think fans will hate it because they keep saying things about Lee Jae Wook in the comments?

9. Is Lee Jae Wook good at fighting?

10. Karina looks so cute just looking at her sunglasses

11. I don’t know if Lee Jae Wook is good at fighting but he is so good at action scenes

12. Lee Jae Wook has to pay more taxes

13. I’m so jealous of Lee Jae Wook

14. I’m jealous of Lee Jae Wook…damn…

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