Netizens say that they are so jealous of Karina’s body

I’m so jealous of Karina’s body

Her bones are small, but she doesn’t look skinny… Her body is my wannabe

1. Seriously, she has it all

2. I feel like she was born with the perfect body, I’m so jealous of her

3. She looks like the game character

4. Her neck is long and her face is small so her proportions are crazy ㅠㅠ

5. Her body proportions are crazy

6. I saw her with my own eyes, she was really white and thin, I thought she was a wax doll

7. I’m especially jealous of my face shape and body lines… I honestly think having a small face, pretty face, and long neck is the hardest ㅠㅠ

8. Karina is God

9. She is prettier than AI

10. She really has a great body

11. I really like her body… It’s so toned

12. When I look at Karina’s previous photos, it looks like she’s been working out really hard… She looks like she’s shining because she’s putting in more effort

13. She has a small face and good proportions

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