Netizens say that they can’t recognize Hyeri’s face

Wow, I can’t recognize Hyeri’s face

Why doesn’t she look like Hyeri I know?

For a moment, I didn’t recognize her. I thought she was Davichi’s Lee Hye Ri. Am I the only one who doesn’t recognize her?

1. I thought it was Kang Min Kyung

2. I didn’t think it was Hyeri.. Her makeup changed

3. It’s Hyeri… If you watch that video, it’s only Hyeri

4. Anyone can see Hyeri

5. I’m surprised that so many people think it’s not Hyeri… This is Hyeri I keep seeing!

6. I didn’t think it was Hyeri

7. She’s Hyeri

8. Is it because of her makeup?

9. She has gained weight, right?

10. It seems like you’re the only one

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