Netizens say that TWICE Nayeon “POP!” is a bit disappointing

TWICE Nayeon “POP!” M/V

1. Looks like they spent a lot of money on the MV, the song is good, and Nayeon is good and pretty ㅠㅠ

2. Nayeon is so pretty and her clothes are all good. I think this is a good song to listen to in the summer

3. The song is not good. Nayeon is so pretty. This is her solo debut so it’s a bit disappointing

4. I thought it was a bright and refreshing song, but it’s not what I thought

5. I really don’t like the song, it’s like a song that would be buried without Nayeon

6. The song is a bit disappointing, but Nayeon is so pretty and she’s so nice

7. The MV is pretty good but the song is a bit disappointing

8. I haven’t liked the song since the teaser came out.. I’m tired of listening to it because the melody is the same and there’s a lot of repetition

9. I think JYP did what they could do best

10. Nayeon is pretty but to be honest her song is a bit disappointing

11. I listened to the b-side song, but the b-side song is much better. Seriously.. They should have paid more attention to the title song

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i like it! its catchy and has this bright vibe which suits nayeon


I really want to like it and was looking forward to it but am disappointed. They chose a bland song.

MV is good and Nabong is cute but they really should’ve thought better about the song choice. Why didn’t they chose something with a bit more impact. C’mon JYPE.

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And Im here disappointed with your choice to use this Lame Ass Comment section bring back disquas your page gonna flop.


The song is amazing imo. Very catchy & fun.


Agree that the song is boring nayeon deserves so much better JYP has lost his touch


What this had to with JYP ….He is not the one that producing nayeon album


Because they don’t actually care they just wanna throw shade, people love doing it with Twice whether as a group or now as individuals


the song is cute okay also pannkpop bring back disqus i wanna bully trolls i miss interacting with straightfax’s dumbass takes 💔💔💔


do you know how can i block trolls?it’s annoying & replying them is exhausting i don’t even tend to comment in this comment box lol


idk thats another reason to hate this comment section lmao d


pannkpop stop writing and putting your own comments.


pannkpop stop writing and posting your own comments and get a real job


Well it is very bland and Twice like tbh. Should have chosen something that does not sound like a Twice reject


Idk, I saw the most of the comments praising the song, I mean the post has more than 600 comments.
And I really like the song, it’s FUN! and I like her vocals


pannkpop loves doing this thing where they grab the few bad comments on a post and making it seem like as if everyone feels this way from the title. At least pannchoa just writes unbiased titles.

Pop is a Bop

Theqoo comment section is mostly positive tho. Why are you lying with the translation?


Wow… way to craft a title and handpick certain comments to match your crafted title the bias is unreal

Y’all look at the almost 700 comments smfh, also that’s not even the title of the original post


choosing to focus only on the negative comments when 90% of the comments are positive. The hatred for twice is annoying

Legend bitch

Jyp lost their touch so much


it’s safe song, the mv is so good so i was thinking why watching they should use other song with same concept.
also did nayoun played in her face!! is this Botox, her face swollen in mv.


I was thinking the same thing about her face


i bounced out of the mv the moment the rap started. PLEASE STOP MAKING NON RAPPERS RAP


the song’s boring, the mv is fun


Oooh but i like the song tho. It was in my head all afternoon while i was working.


I think the song suits her!


maybe I expected more but yeah, it’s kinda bland..the mv reminds me of Somi’s Birthday but Birthday is much more of a banger for me


Hmmm the song sound like most of twice versatile or individuality..she cannot go out from that genre..


I really enjoyed the song, kinda surprised knetz don’t like it, seems like a good summer song. Hopefully it’ll grow on people with promotions since that’s what a lot of songs have done this year.


Knetz actually loved it though like alot of comments here are saying pann kpop chose all the bad ones and not the positive ones with high upvotes it’s odd lol


Why are the translations lying when theqoo had mainly positive reviews with really high upvotes


How odd all the other comments are super positive Yet they only translated the bad comments with the least amount of upvotes


all these random comments out of nowhere help lmao pannkpop is writing them themselves


the mv is pretty well made and she is cute but the song is not so good to be a title debut..


What? I liked the song a lot. It’s not what I was expecting, but it’s perfect for the summer and it perfectly fits Na Yeon. On top of that, this is STRAIGHT homage to the second generation sound. Like the first person I thought of was 2010s HyunA. This is a great debut for Na Yeon.


You posted specific comments that say they didn’t like the song so much even though the majority were saying they liked it…that’s a bit strange.


I like this debut it’s really catchy and has old kpop vibe.


Boring song and basic

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