Netizens share the reactions of those around them about LE SSERAFIM

What are the reactions of people around you to LE SSERAFIM?

What are the reactions of people around you?

1. No one cares about them

2. They just don’t know LE SSERAFIM

3. We don’t even mention them. We only talk about other groups

4. When it comes to LE SSERAFIM, we just ask if you know Kim Chaewon and Sakura’s group or that controversial group? This is the answer

5. I don’t think the reactions are good. “Oh, they (Chaewon, Sakura) debuted???”

6. The truth is that no one around me knows who they are…. Only I know who they are

7. Don’t care, no one knows them

8. Muggles don’t know LE SSERAFIM because they don’t care about celebrities, and people who care about K-pop listen to their music..? I heard that Kim Chaewon debuted, and I heard a bit about how pretty Kazuha is

9. My friend posted on Instagram saying she listens to their song every day

10. I heard that their song is pretty good

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