Netizens support Chungha’s decision to leave MNH Entertainment

‘Self-reliant female K-pop solo artist’ Chungha will be FA in March

Kim Chungha has mutually decided to part ways with MNH Entertainment once her contract with the label comes to an end this March

1. Let’s go to a better company

2. I’m so glad she left this company and I hope she does better!!

3. I hope she meets a good agency and releases a lot of albums

4. I hope Chungha gets better

5. I really like Chungha’s songs, so I hope she meets a good agency

6. Chungha did so well, but I don’t know what song she released in the past 3 years

7. Chungha is talented and has a lot of hit songs, but the company is bad

8. I support you ㅠㅠ Let’s go to a good company and release a lot of good songs

9. I want to listen to Chungha’s song soon ㅠㅠ

10. I wish Chungha would go to a good company

11. Wow, I’m just curious about Chungha’s current situation

12. But I don’t think it’s just the company’s fault… Anyway, I hope she continues to do well with a good company!

13. I thought it was a good company, but I guess it’s not

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White cat

Really hope she will get to enter company that will help and not hinder her music career.


Comment No 12, the company literally putting her in the basement since the pandemic. They killed her hype.

Hope she’ll be able to enter a company that allow her freedom in her music and listens to her concerns well also rebuild her hype back , and send her for a world tour .

Kmi Jong Des

So she leave the company who raise her to be a lion.


I hope she finds a company who will promote her and give her everything that she wants. They literally killed her hype. She was damn near untouchable 2018-2020.

Jj dw

She did complain ant getting overworked so much and not getting any rest at all before her last full album promos were done

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