Netizens talk about 4 visual members of girl groups debuting in 2022

4 visual members of girl groups who debuted in 2022

Kep1er Shen Xiaoting

NMIXX Sullyoon


CLASS:y Won Jimin

1. Sullyoon and Kazuha are so cute and pretty

2. I think Jinni is pretty too ㅠㅠ Sullyoon gets a lot of attention so Jinni is overshadowed, but the combination of Sullyoon and Jinni is heaven…

3. Isn’t Huh Yunjin the visual member of LE SSERAFIM?

4. Kazuha’s facial features are crazy.. She’s so pretty

5. In LE SSERAFIM, Kazuha isn’t the visual member… right? I like Kazuha, but I don’t think she’s the visual member

6. Shen Xiaoting is crazy. She’s the only Chinese I like

7. Does Won Jimin look like an MBC announcer? Every time I see her, I keep thinking of that announcer, but I can’t remember her name..

8. Kazuha is so pretty and she looks like a Korean

9. Sullyoon is seriously pretty.. This is my first time seeing Won Jimin, she’s so fresh and pretty

10. Sullyoon is the prettiest

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