Netizens talk about 4th generation girl group album buyers by gender

4th generation girl groups’ album buyers broken down by gender

NewJeans – STAYC – Kep1er – (G)I-DLE – Aespa – NMIXX – IVE – ITZY – LE SSERAFIM

Dark blue: female
Light blue: male

1. JYP’s groups have good proportions

2. Aespa has a lot of male fans, I thought they would have more female fans

3. I thought Kep1er had more male fans, but I’m surprised

4. People buy HYBE’s groups’ albums on Weverse, so I’m not sure

5. ITZY are unexpected, I thought they mainly have female fans

6. ITZY and NMIXX surprised me

7. NewJeans has the style that women will love

8. Aespa has more male fans than I thought

9. I thought that (G)I-DLE would have more female fans… But they have more male fans than I thought

10. 4th generation girl groups are amazing

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