Netizens talk about actor Lee Je Hoon and Jisoo taking a picture together

Wow actor Lee Je Hoon and Jisoo are daebak!

“I enjoyed watching the concert so so much
Thank you Jisoo-nim”

This combination is crazy ㄷㄷ The person on the left is director Yoon Sung Hyun

Jisoo’s relationships are unpredictable

[+184, -16]

1. [+73, -3] Isn’t Jisoo’s ideal type Lee Je Hoon?

2. [+67, -33] Hul, this couple’s visuals are amazing, they look so good together

3. [+63, -4] Lee Je Hoon was born in 1984, right?.. I would believe you if you told me that he just turned 30. I’m the only one getting older

4. [+58, -12] They have similar vibes and match so well

5. [+40, -14] Daebak… Freaking pretty and handsome… The two of them look good together

6. [+28, -11] Throw away that guy with the weird stare and date Lee Je Hoon instead

7. [+13, -3] Jisoo could have done better

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