Netizens talk about BLACKPINK Jisoo’s voice

Do you guys think Jisoo’s voice is her drawback?

She’s the one who has a lot of searches related to her voice

“Whenever BLACKPINK Jisoo is acting, her voice is her drawback”

[+690, -113]

1. [+792, -45] I get turned off by Jisoo’s voice whenever I listen to BLACKPINK’s songs

2. [+718, -30] Her voice makes people unable to immerse themselves in the song.. Her voice color is unique, but not in a good way..

3. [+591, -34] I’m not talking about her voice, but the talent gap between her and the other 3 members is too severe…..

4. [+508, -45] I couldn’t listen to ‘Kill This Love’ and ‘Forever Young’ because of Jisoo’s voice

5. [+354, -48] I f*cking hate her voice

6. [+72, -3] She’s like the female version of Kwanghee

7. [+61, -3] Jisoo’s voice annoys me, I can’t listen to BLACKPINK’s songs ㅋㅋ

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Jisoo is 🔥..idk why knetz lately hate her so much


This cb is annoying tbh , cause in twitter Jennie, in Korea Jisoo getting tones of hate comments which is so unfair. JenSoo getting so much unfair backlash meanwhile Lisa getting only praises and lisa fans bashing jisoo jennie rosé till death and Bornpink literally made for Lisa to shine and get praises while other members backlash, But the least album bought and least mv stream and least stream on charts fans are Lisa fans. So annoying


They are breaking records w this album and haters hate to see it wbk


U hate lisa i can clearly see


Yes I agree i am blink from past 3 years jisoo voice make songs worse i am happy that YG didn’t give her so many lines

Jisoo godess

So just don’t listen her .did she say to listen .if cannot say a good word than just shut down.. she have such good vocal in bornpink . I know this kind of people don’t have any work and than this happen.. i feel sorry for them( netizens) that are so jealous they don’t know what say

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