Netizens talk about BLACKPINK Lisa posting her s*xy pictures on Instagram

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Instagram update (sexy pictures)

1. She must be so proud

2. But what did Lisa do wrong? I’m surprised by the comments… What are you guys saying about her boyfriend?

3. I see comments saying that mentioning Thailand is racist, but I’m really curious to see how Thai people think and react…!

4. I don’t understand why she posted those pictures

5. As expected, she is Thai, she looks like the main character of one of the famous cheap strip shows in Thailand

6. She looks so happy

7. Is her dream to become a stripper?

8. An example of the bad influence of celebrities

9. Is she crazy? Has she forgotten that she is an idol?

10. I really don’t understand

11. Her image changed in just a few days

12. All I could think was why did she devalue herself?

13. Wow, it looks cheap. I don’t understand why she thinks it’s cool

14. In another way, her mentality is amazing

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