Netizens talk about BLACKPINK Lisa using blackcard

BLACKPINK Lisa’s card

Hyundai blackcard is only issued to 1,000 people in Korea

Even in the entertainment industry, only a few top stars are granted this card

1. Wow she’s young and rich

2. All I can say is envy…

3. Young, rich and pretty

4. Lisa always does her job well, but it’s amazing that she lives honestly and without controversy as a top star overseas for a long time

5. She has a pretty face, a perfect body, she can dance well, she can rap well, she has a lot of money, she has it all

6. Lisa is young, rich and pretty

7. Because it’s BLACKPINK’s Lisa ㅋㅋ

8. I’m not surprised because it’s Lisa

9. I wonder how much money the BLACKPINK members have in their bank accounts

10. Isn’t she the most popular among female K-pop idols? I’m not surprised

11. I think I read an article saying that BTS members also used it before

12. It’s BLACKPINK, so I’m not surprised

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she is the only member from her group who has no controversies and is always hardworking and gives her all in every stage, the others girlies of BP should learn from her!! she deserves all the success


Whatever floats your boat now go back to stanning your faves 🙄


What a weird thing to say since she has been accused multiple times of CA and also cnetz were mad at her for apparently bullying a chinese guy at a competition show she was a mentor for.


All member of BLACKPINK do have black card not just LISA


when she said drop some money and listen to my money talk she wasn’t lying AT ALL


Transgirl so rich 😭


Is being trans supposed to be an insult?


and you are trash that will remain poor and miserable all your life.


Knetz are really obsessed with material stuffs like this. No wonder they are #1 consumer for luxury brands and a lot of kpop idol (nugu or not) are selected as ambassadors.


Saw in recent twice vlog Jihyo also owns a black card. These besties are rich rich.


Lisa already had blackcard years ago, if I’m not mistaken it’s 2018/2019 after their world tour & after being brand ambassador. She’s the first one in blackpink who had it but all members have it all now


She gave it her all during their recent world tour, even when sick, she deserves it even though she had it for a long time now

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