Netizens talk about BTS Jimin after he updated his dance video

BTS Jimin updated dance video

1. I love Jimin’s dance so much

2. Wow.. I’m a fan of Jimin’s voice, but his dance is also amazing.. Jimin is daebak

3. Jimin dancing is the best

4. Jimin dances so well ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. As expected, Jimin looks like a professional dancer

6. He’s cool, cute and good at dancing

7. Jimin-ah, your dance is always art

8. I love BTS songs, he dances so well

9. Jimin, please dance more

10. I love Jimin’s dance ㅠㅠ

11. As expected, Jimin dances so well

12. Wow daebak.. He dances so well

13. His dance line is neat and beautiful

14. Our Jimin is so good

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Dance king

Brits obviously Kai


Let him prove it in military service, I hear there is dance competition.

Hi, I'm Guest

Says no one but the legendary flop group stans.


What hasn’t that hag enlisted into the military yet? It’s not like he is doing anything else for his country besides flopping on the charts.


That “hag” is untalented dozen jin

Cry bitch

Calling him untalented hag doesn’t make him one…. he’s still a global star , try again bitch 🙂


He is so good, I hope there will be some song with choreography on his album.

WhatsThe Point

I think we’re getting vinyls of hyyh next


he dances so gracefully..


Jimin’s dance is so satisfying to watch. He nails every beat. A real pro!


Jimin truly has the prettiest dance lines, he’s so mesmerizing to watch

based misandrist

typical ugly asian man some asian can be attractive but no one who is piggy looking yet underweight like him

Cry bitch

Another jeolous bitch ha ? U didn’t mention his dance cuz u know ur faves are just untalented plastic faces with no fckn talent ..don’t worry about him thousands of people wish they have his pretty face


pretty 🤣🤣🤣🤣


They think he pretty 🤣🤣
The bar is in hell


Jimin IS pretty. And anyone who doesn’t have a hate bonner against him and BTS will tell you exactly that.

Doing all that while stanning groups whose “visuals” look like they negotiated their way onto earth 😟 Let’s calm down


I don’t have any interest in bts at all sorry to break your imagination but he IS ugly


talking about talent when jimin can’t even sing


When did this happen? I didn’t see anyone in my tl talking about it.

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