Netizens talk about BTS Jungkook ‘Euphoria’ surpassing 400 million streams

BTS Jungkook ‘Euphoria’ surpasses 400 million streams, the first and highest male solo song ever

1. Euphoria is the perfect song for Jungkook

2. It’s a song that suits Jungkook’s voice. The more I listen to it, the better it gets

3. It’s a really great song, it’s perfect with Jungkook’s voice

4. One of my favorite BTS solo songs!

5. It’s just a masterpiece

6. Euphoria is a song I listen to often these days

7. Although I’m not a fan, I love this song

8. I really like the song, Jungkook’s voice is good too

9. Euphoria is a true masterpiece

10. It’s so good, even though I’m not a fan, I still listen to it often

11. I’m a muggle and I started listening to BTS music with this song

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