Netizens talk about BTS members’ solos debut results on Global Spotify

BTS members’ solos debut results on Global Spotify

Jungkook “Seven” – 15.9m
Jimin ”Like Crazy” – 6.6m
Jungkook ”Dreamers” – 4.88m
Jimin ”Set Me Free pt.2″ – 4.82m
Jungkook “Stay Alive” – 4.27m
Jin “The Astronaut” -4.14m
Suga “Haegeum” – 3.9m
J-Hope ”MORE” – 3.87m
V “Love Me Again” – 3.77m (new)
RM “Wild Flower” – 3.6m
V “Rainy Days” – 3.56m (new)
Suga “People pt.2” – 3.4m
J-Hope, J. COLE ”on the street” – 3.29m

1. Jungkook is so good

2. The members sing what they want with their own colors, so I enjoyed it. BTS do what they want to do~

3. Jungkook is so cool

4. All 7 members in the same group whose songs all have different colors and their results are all freaking amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They really are superstars

5. V hasn’t released the title song yet?

6. V is not the title song, it’s a pre-release song

7. But other members’ pre-release songs are all here too though??

8. I’m a muggle, but Jungkook’s song is so popular, so I often listen to it these days

9. Each member is really different and I love that in BTS

10. It’s strange and interesting that the colors of the songs are all different

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