Netizens talk about BTS V’s solo album ‘Layover’ pre-release song ‘Love Me Again’ official MV

BTS V’s solo album ‘Layover’ pre-release song ‘Love Me Again’ Official MV

1. The song and his voice go well together

2. I really like this song

3. I can only see his face (the song is good too)

4. The song suits his voice so well, it’s so good. I’m looking forward to other songs

5. I love it so much… The song, the face, the atmosphere are all good

6. The song suits V well. He chose the song well

7. The clothes are funny… Reminds me of Harry Styles?

8. Something like Harry Styles

9. The song is so good, V’s voice is so charming

10. Except for the clothes, I love the MV and the song

11. This song is not my taste, I’m looking forward to the next song

12. The song is so good. Taehyung’s voice is good too

13. I didn’t expect much because my taste is so different from V’s, but the song is better than I thought

14. His voice is crazy

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