Netizens talk about English becoming the trend in girl group lyrics after BLACKPINK’s success

“It’s K-pop but there’s no Korean” After BLACKPINK’s success, English became the trend in girl group lyrics

1. I don’t know if they would release songs in English if they promoted overseas, but if they promoted in Korea it would be good if they released songs in Korean

2. I like Korean songs

3. I wonder if it’s K-pop when Koreans sing it. But when they sing it in English… is it K-pop?

4. As a K-pop fan, I really hate this trend

5. It would be better if there was an English version

6. Didn’t it start with BTS? I hope that Korean idols will use English better

7. Since this is K-pop, I wish the lyrics were in Korean

8. It’s K-pop… why do they only use English?

9. If you are only going to use English, please omit the ‘K’ in K-pop

10. I don’t listen to idols’ music anymore these days

11. It’s not K-pop, it’s just imitating pop music

12. That’s why I like STAYC’s songs

13. BLACKPINK and NewJeans have a lot of English in their lyrics

14. I find English songs less boring, maybe because I don’t understand them

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